McGrath С. Spring comes to Chicago

ISBN 978-0-88001-484-7
Автор McGrath С.
Издательство Ecco
Переплет книги мягкая обложка
Год издания 1996
Страниц в книге: 96
600 руб × = 600 руб


Capitalism and American Noiseintroduced readers to the musical, comedic, and impassioned voice of poet Campbell McGrath. Now, in Spring Comes to Chicago, McGrath pushes deeper into the jungle of American culture, exposing and celebrating our native hungers and dreams. In the centerpiece of the book, "The Bob Hope Poem," McGrath confronts the paradoxes that energize and confound us--examining his own avid affection for Peoplemagazine and contemplating such diverse subjects as Wittgenstein, meat packers, money, and, of course, Bob Hope himself. Whether viewing this life with existential gravity or consumerist glee, McGarth creates poetry that is at once public and profoundly personal.