Жданов А., Зарубин М. 100 волшебных мест на Земле

ISBN 978-5-4386-0664-2
Издательство Global Blue
Переплет книги твердый переплет
Год издания 2015
480 руб × = 480 руб


Александр Жданов, журналист, фотограф, писатель и блогер, которому удалось посетить 125 стран мира, в середине декабря выпустил свою пятую книгу «100 волшебных стран планеты». В новом фотоальбоме Александр представил фотографии из тех стран мира, где ему довелось побывать. 

Alexander Zhdanov: Writer, blogger and photographer.

Alexander Zhdanov has an impressive CV; he has worked with a host of Russian and international celebrities as well as Channel one Russia, the Eurovision song contest and the MTV Europe Music Awards. However In recent years, travel photography has been his passion and he has travelled to more than 125 countries. This book documents his first 100 trips.

'I'm a nature lover. I enjoy simple things like sunrises, rain, forests, fields and wildlife. But at the same time I appreciate man-made sights and love exploring big bustling cities as well as charming villages,' explains Alexander. 'People should enjoy everyday experiences and there are always so many marvellous things to be found nearby!'

Alexander also supports sustainable tourism. 'Let's make a contribution towards a better future every day. Act like a local everywhere you go and take care of everything around you. Be honest, be yourself and be sure to smile!'

This book contains 200 photographs for your enjoyment. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy!